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TOS FO 10 Gear Hobbing Machine

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Gear  Hobbing Machine TOS  FO 10


Gear hobbing is a mechanicalprocess of production of gears in which gears are cut by a generating processof rotating the gear blank work-piece and the cutter known as the hob at thesame time with a specific gearing ratio between the hob and the gear blankwork-piece. In the gear hobbing process the gear blank Workpiece is constantlyfed towards the rotating hob until the required depth of the cut is reached.The hob is then constantly fed across the face of the blank till all the teethare completely cut.



Machine Type: Gear Hobbing Machine

Machine Make: TOS

Machine Model: FO10



Flawlessperformance, High functionality, less maintenance & long functional life


Technical Specifications:

Max Wheel Dia

1000 mm

Max Work Piece Dia With Tail Stock

750 mm

Gear Width

400 mm

Max Module


Table Diameter

750 mm

Distance Between Hob & Table Axis

50 , 720 mm

Spindle Speed

20 , 125 RPM









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