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CNC Lathe

We provide a broad variety of CNC lathe machines in different models and specifications to fulfill the exact requirements of the clients. We have been offering modern technology range of Lathe with a range of bed lengths, bore sizes, and varied other optional features. Our collection of machines ensures to provide an assortment of custom lathe solutions for meeting any need and requirement of production. In addition to this, varied parts can be easily completed on a single machine. The collection is designed by experts in thermo-friendly design for enabling the machine to hold tight tolerances as well as eliminate the necessity for separating the finishing as well as grinding operations. Our industry-leading range is designed to create optimal operating efficiency for a longer period of time. In addition to this, the Absolute Position Encoder enables the machine to immediate return to the production in the case of power loss as well as any other machine interruption. Our multi-functional lathe is available with cast iron base along with a proficient way system. Moreover, the hand-scraped headstock as well as tailstock mounting surfaces provides the machines with high stability, firmness and accuracy. The collection ensures high productivity with its user-friendly design and cutting edge technology.
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