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Thread Grinding Machine

History and Evolution of Thread Grinding Machine
The grinding wheel and the process of forming the wheel to correct profile are two major things on which the evolution of thread grinding depended upon. Earlier, to thread grind a workpiece, screw cutting lathe was used. With advancements, the grinding wheels and spindle driven from a counter shaft replaced the tool. Initially, wheel comprised an abrasive disc of the desired profile, which was charged with diamond dust. Later, it was replaced by bonded abrasive wheels, formed by a crude dressing device and given a correct profile. Using lathe as a grinding machine was not successful, as the results it produced were disappointing and not up to the mark. It was difficult to produce a wheel with a correct profile, maintain it for longer time and achieve fine pitches.

With the introduction of Matrix Patented Wheel Dresser, it was easier to correctly profile wheels with a single as well as multiple cutting profiles. With this simple and ingenious device, a vitrified wheel was also introduced. The wheel apart from maintaining their form, freely cut the workpiece. The combination of both has marked the turning point of the thread grinding process.

To ease the difficult and complicated task of forming the correct profile on wheel when dealing with the Whitworth forms, Matrix Patent Multi-Ribbed Wheel Dresser was introduced. This simple to use and versatile thread grinder machine provide unmatched accuracy and fulfilled exact demands.

Applications of Thread Grinding Machine
The Thread grinding was restricted to lead screws,gauge work and all other hardened work where grate accuracy was a requirement. But, with the development of Multiple profiled wheel and successful Plunge-Cut Method application, the Thread Grinding Machine was used to produce threads on alloyed steels, with unparalleled accuracy and finish.

We provide a wide range of thread grinder machines, covering a wide field. From fully universal machine with 6 ft. capacity to automatic stud and screw repetition machine. Extensive research and experiments are carried out to introduce every feature in these machines. All these machines are tested under production conditions. These proven machines are installed all over the globe, meeting the accuracy and time requirements of operators.

A grinding machine specifically designed for thread grinding uses grinding wheels similar to the thread shape. The mechanisms used for thread grinding are: Center-type grinding with axial feed, Center-type infeed thread grinding Centerless thread grinding.

With Our Thread Grinding Machines, One Can Enjoy Following Benefits:
  • The machine we deliver is versatile
  • The clients can employ machine operators rather skilled machinists
  • The clients can grind threads using the modern super abrasives
The Specifications Based on Which the Buyers can Select the Right Thread Grinder are:
  • Maximum diameter of work-piece
  • Maximum distance between centers
  • Maximum length of grinding
  • Limits of grinding head turning
  • Thread pitch
  • Max. pitch correction
  • Adjustable backing-off
  • Number of rotation speeds of grinding head
  • Range of speeds of workpiece slide
  • Workpiece slide motor capacity
  • Grinding head motor capacity
  • Dimensions of standard grinding wheel
  • Width limits of grinding wheel
  • Range of grinding wheel speeds
  • Machine weight
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