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Gear Grinding Machine Reishauer ZB

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Gear Grinding Machine Reishauer ZB


Swiss gear grinders  are the best built gear grinders ever. High accuracy, high production, rigidity  and durability make them stand apart from other manufacturers. When it comes to  industrial gears, then Reishauer ZB is the only option.

700 mm maximum  diameter, 7 module, multirib wheel grinding makes it highly productive. Reishauer ZB Gear Grinding Machine comes  with Reishauer AM dressing unit equipped with Reishauer AM dresser.

Full set of change  gears, wheel mounts, filtration unit.

Machine was used in  top European gear box manufacturing facility and was grinding gears upto last  minute. Its a plug and play machine with which desired results could be  achieved.



Machine Type: Gear Grinding Machine
Machine Make: Reishauer
Machine Model: ZB


Technical specifications:

Gear Diameter

54 - 700 mm

Max Gear Width

280 mm

Distance Between Centers

256 - 570 mm

Min Number Of Teeth


Maximum Number Of Teeth


Minimum Module


Maximum Module


Minimum Pressure Angle

14 degrees 30 min

Maximum Pressure Angle

30 degrees

Max Helix Angle

+ 30 degrees

Min Helical Pitch With 30 Teeth

404 mm

Max Helical Pitch With 30 Teeth

7725 mm

Slide Stroke

290 mm

Max Longitudinal Crowning With a Pressure Angle Of 20 Degrees


Max Work-Piece Weight Including Fixing

Approx 300 Kg

Max Dia Of Grinding Wheel

280 - 400 mm

Max Width Of Grinding Wheel

104 mm

Total Power Requirement

9.6 KW

Machine Dimensions

3900 X 2800 X 2200 mm

Weight Of Machine

8000 Kg























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