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Barber Colman 1616 Gear Hobbing Machine

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Barber Colman 1616 Gear Hobbing Machine


Barber Colman Gear Hobbing No. 16-16 is the machine  used for generating spur and spiral gears, spline shafts and other hobbed  forms. A rigid machine that will produce consistently accurate work on general  purpose and production applications.

Barber Colman 1616 Gear Hobbing is rugged enough to stand up under heavy  production work, and at the same time has unusual accuracy. Built-in units  include motor drive, rapid traverse on the hob slide in both directions, and a "stabilizer"  to smooth out the cutting action.

Other features  include improved means of adjusting for wear in a number of important places, a  single box- section over arm, a rapid unloading device, and an improved oiling  system. Greater rigidity and accuracy have been built into every part of the  machine to insure lasting dependability. The No. 16-16 is a"universal" hobbing machine, the feed and index being driven from a  common power source to permit helical cuts of all kinds.



Machine Type: Gear Hobbing Machine

Machine Make: Barber Colman

Machine Model: 1616


Features: Flawless performance, long functionallife.


Technical Specifications:

Maximum Work Swing

400 mm

Maximum Travel Of Hob Slide

400 mm

Maximum Travel Work Slide

200 mm

Maximum Hob Diameter

125 mm










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