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Barber Colman 14-15 Gear Hobbing Machine

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Barber Colman 14-15 Gear Hobbing Machine


Barber Colman No. 14-15 Hobbing Machine is designed primarily for, high production work on spur and helical gears, spline shaft and special forms. The hydraulic operation, automatic cycling, and rugged construction combine to make the 14-15 especially suitable for high production work. However, because of the ease of set-up, it can also be used quite profitably for short-run work. The maximum size workpiece capability is 14" in diameter with a 15" face width less the necessary approach.

The main drive motor on the No. 14-15 machine is a 10 HP, 1800 RPM motor which is controlled by either the electrical sequence of the automatic cycle or the HOB Start button on the Push button Station. The Push button Station is mounted on the overarm for ease of operation.



Machine Type: Gear Hobbing Machine

Machine Make: Barber Colman

Machine Model: 14-15


Features: Flawless performance, long functional life.


Technical Specifications:


Maximum rated work diameter

355.6 mm

Maximum D. P.(for one cut in steel)

7.3 mod.

Maximum travel of hob carriage

381 mm

Work spindle bore, standard

104.7 mm Straight

Work spindle nose taper

18 Browne & Sharpe

Maximum hob diameter, standard hob slide

152.4 mm

Maximum swivel angle setting standard knob swivel  

(90" swivel available)

50 degree, L. or R.

Maximum hob speed

362 RPM


Main drive

10 HP, 1800 RPM

Hydraulic pump

5 HP, 1800 RPM

Coolant pump

1 HP, 1800 RPM

Lubricating pump

1/20 HP, 1800 RPM

Machine Data

Hydraulic tank capacity

25 gal.

Hydraulic fluid

275-325 SUV

at 100 degree F

Coolant tank capacity

15 gal.

Lubricating oil tank capacity (index end of machine)

35 gal.

Lubricating oil tank capacity (main drive end of machine)

2.5 gal.

Lubricating oil

275-325 SUV

at 100 degree F































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