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Universal Cylindrical Grinder 500 mm TOS BUA 20

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Universal Cylindrical Grinder 500 mm TOS BUA 20


Cylindrical Grinding Machine is a form of precision-type machinery where the purpose is to grind the outer and inner parts of the workpieces. Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine 500 mm TOS BUA 20 is a type of grinding machine used to shape the outside of an object. From a high-speed rotation, the Workpiece and the grinding wheel grinds the two centers on its axis so as to produce a smooth surface. The cylindrical grinder can work on a variety of shapes; however the object must have a central axis of rotation. 

TOS BUA 20 Universal Center Grinding Machine 500 mm with internal grinding device for precision grinding of outer, inner such as cone surfaces,feed of grinding head-stock via hydraulic or manual possible, table feed hydraulic step less, grinding spindle swivel able with 60 degrees, Workpiece headstock 90 degrees swivel able with tapper MK4, tailstock tapper MK 3

Equipment:  dressing device/extruder, coolant tank incl.pump and supply I.D.



Machine Type: Universal Cylindrical Grinder 500 mm

Machine Make: TOS

Machine Model: BUA 20


Features: Easy Installation, Pocket friendly prices,Minimum Maintenance


Technical Specification:

Manufacturing Year


Swing Diameter

200 mm

Centre Distance

450 mm

Cross Travel

245 mm

Longitudinal Feed

830 mm

Table Speed

0.05-4.5 Stepless m/min

Revolution Per Minute (Grinding Spindle)

1780, 2050 U/min

Revolution Per Minute (Workpiece Spindle)

50-500 U/min

Dimensions Of Grinding Wheel

350 x 32 x 127 mm

Table Swiveling To Both Sides

9 degree before, +10 degree back

Total Power Requirement

6.0 KW

Dimensions Of Machine

2.2 x 2.05 x 1.6 m

Machine Equipped With

Internal Grinding  Attachment
















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