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Stanko Russian 2800 mm 3200 mm VTL Sedin 1L532

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StankoRussian 2800mm 3200mm VTL Sedin 1L532


2800 3200 Russian VTL Stanko is suitable for mechanicalprocessing in many industries; it can be used for machining processing such asrough and finishing machining to inside and outside cylindrical faces, insideand outside circular conical faces, grooving and notch cutting.

Processingfield of Russian VTL Sedin 1L532: Itcan machine various short shafts such as wheel hub, brake hub, discs, threads,arc, taper, internal, and external surface of rotary parts, end-face, slot anddo the work of drilling and reaming etc.

Russian Vertical Lathes are large, ram-typemachines, also called vertical boring mills (VBMs).These lathes are nothigh-production machines, but they are ideal for heavy-duty and high-powercutting of medium and large parts. An important advantage of the VTL machine isthe ease in which large heavy workpieces can be set and held in place formachining.

Anindex able tool turret head distinguishes traditional VTLs from VBMs

Asidefrom turret head or ram head, VTL machine design uses a rotating table tosupport the Workpiece and use a bridge-type construction that carries theX-axis. A RAM traverses the X-axis guides and delivers the cutter.

Interms of productivity, vertical turning centers typically improve cycle times becauseshops can be more aggressive with their cuts.



Machine Type: 2800mm3200mm VTL Machine

Machine Make: StankoRussian Sedin

Machine Model: 1L532


Features: Easy Installation,Pocket friendly prices, Minimum Maintenance



Table Diameter

2800 mm


3200 mm

Max. Work Piece Height

2000 mm

Max Table Loading

16 Ton

Max. Ram Travel

1200 mm

Max. Horizontal Travel Of Carriage

1720 mm

Carriage Inclination Angle

30 degree

Carriage Feeds Number


Carriages Feeds Range

0.09 - 16 mm/rev

Feeds Of Traversal Beam

360 mm/min

Max. Distance Between Ram's Axis

360 mm

Distance Between Table And Ram

0 - 1780 mm

Distance Between Table & Lower Surface Of Traversal Beam

400 - 1640 mm

Revolution Speeds Number


Table Speeds

1.25-63 RPM

Main Engine Power

55 KW
















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