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Reform Knife Grinder AR 31/71 3000 mm

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Knife Grinding Machine Reform AR 31/71 3000 mm


The modernKnife Grinders like Reform 5 HMT Knife Grinding Machine, Reform 41/5Knife Grinder and Reform AR 31/71 Knife Grinding Machineare perfect examples of cutting edgeknife grinding capabilities. Known industry wide for its durability andretained accuracy over decades of continuous use, no other grinder offers this levelof continued performance.

The German engineering andmanufacturing process of the knife grinders is the bestavailable option.

The cellular construction of the stress relievedbase provides unmatched stiffness and vibration dampening. With Reformsconvenient LCD electronic controls, each stage of the grinding process issafely and conveniently operated, observed, and adjusted. This includes thetouch-off, rough grinding, finish grinding, and spark out stages. The design ofthe Knife Grinders like Reform 5 HMT Knife Grinder, Reform 41/5Knife Grinding Machine4000 mm (4 Meter) and Reform AR 31/71 Knife Grinder3000 mm (3 Meter) allows for the grinding industry safest operation of industrial knifegrinding equipment.

All changeover work is done from the front of theunit. This includes the quick change capabilities of knives, grinding stones,wheels, and abrasives. By leveraging classic Reform dependability now matchedwith the best available technology, programmability, repeatability, andresults, less demand on the operators translates to quicker grinding cycles.

The proven history of the Reform line ofgrinding equipments reliability and performance can be trusted without concern.



Machine Type: Knife Grinder

Machine Make: Reform

Machine Model: AR 31/71


Features: Easy Installation, Pocket friendly prices,Minimum Maintenance.


Technical Specifications:

Machine Make


Machine Type

AR 31/71



Year Of Manufacture


Working Length

3100 mm

Working Width

300 mm


400 Volts / 50 Hz

Total Power

22.5 KW











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