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Knuckle Joint Press Schuler PKNR 400

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Knuckle Joint Press Schuler PKNR 400


We have for sale, from stock in Delhi Used 400 Ton  KnuckleJoint Press Schuler PKNR 400

The  design of the knuckle-joint press is over 200years old. The advantages of the simple but very effective principle are stillused today for many applications. With a knuckle-joint press like Schuler400 Ton Knuckle Joint Press the force is guided through a knee-likejoint. The knee-lever effect, which it is named after, causes the pressingprocess to become very fast at first, but during the working process itreceives a proportional increase in force with decreasing speed. Used Knuckle Joint  Press Machine Schuler has proven itselfespecially in pressing and punching processes where a relatively small strokeis required which includes: Embossing, Cold forging presses, Semi-hot forging, Solid forging, Thick sheet metal forming, Fine blanking presses, deep drawing, Trimming and deburring. Schuler  KnuckleJoint Press convinces with very fast cycle times and high pressing forces.


Product Description:

Machine Type: Knuckle Joint Press

Machine Make: Schuler

Machine Model: PKNR 400


Features: Easy Installation, RobustDesign, Minimum Maintenance.


Technical Specifications:

Dimensions And Performance Data:

Max Pressing Force In The Lowest Stroke Position

400 Ton

Width Between The Stands

520 mm

Table Surface: Width x Depth

500 x 600 mm

Ram Surface: Width x Depth

400 x 450 mm

Stroke Of The Ram

130 mm

Distance Between Table And Ram, Stroke Down

420 mm

Distance Between Platen & Ram, Hub Below

320 mm

Thickness Of The Platen

100 mm

Adjustability Of The Ram

20 mm

Hole In The Plunger

50 x 120 mm

Number Of Ram Cycles Per Minute


Engine Power Of The Propulsion

13 KW

Engine Speed Per Minute


Weight Including Clamping Plate

15000 Kg






















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