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CNC Hob Sharpener Klingelnberg SNC 31B

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CNC Hob Sharpener Klingelnberg SNC 31B


The Klingelnberg SNC 31BCNC Hob Sharpener is ideal for repetitive jobs without changes in setup,particularly during the manufacturing and resharpening of straight and spiralgash hobs, dish, shank and helical gear shaper cutters as well as a wide rangeof round tools. These machines are extensively used in various large scaleindustries.

Klingelnberg SNC 31B CNC Hob Sharpener is designed for the sharpening of straight and helix fluted gear hobs in HSS and carbide.

Hob Sharpening andTool Reconditioning Grinder is an affordable solution for hob sharpening and in-house tool maintenance equipped with amanual HSK spindle. CNC Hob SharpenerKlingelnberg SNC 31B is idealfor repetitive jobs without changes in setup, particularly during tool grinding/ sharpening. Theshapes of the grinding wheels are automatically calculated by the dressedgrinding wheels which deliver highly accurate sharpening of cutting faces.



Machine Type: CNC Hob Sharpener

Machine Make: Klingelnberg

Machine Model: SNC 31B


Features: Easy Installation,Pocket friendly prices, Minimum Maintenance


Technical Specification:

Machine Make


Machine Model



Schleicher, 6 Axis

Grinding Dia Max.

300 mm

Grinding Length Max.

450 mm

Center Height

170 mm

Grinding Wheel Dia Max.

300 mm

Grinding Wheel Speed Max.

2,700 RPM

Grinding Slide X Travel

500 mm

Grinding Head Y Travel

175 mm

Grinding Head Z Travel

88 mm

Dressing Slide U Travel

100 mm

Grinding Head B-Axis

+/-45 degree

Tool Holder

ISO 40

















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