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Matrix 16 Thread Grinding Machine

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Matrix 16 Thread Grinding Machine


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Machine Type: Thread Grinding Machine

Machine Make: Matrix

Machine Model: 16



Highquality, Easy operation, Minimum Maintenance


Technical Specifications: 

Max Dia Ground

76 mm

Max Dia Admitted

180 mm

Max Length Admitted Between Centers

305 mm

Max Length Admitted When Live Centre

Workhead Is Fitted

280 mm

Max Length Of Thread Ground At One Setting

180 mm

Max Helix Angleleft Or Right Hand

20 Degree

Max Pitch Compensation

0.025 mm per 100 mm

Max Lead Recommended

6.0 mm

Min Pitch Recommended

0.4 mm

Max Dia Internal Threads

100 mm

Min Dia Internal Threads

19 mm

Work Speed Range (Standard)

3 - 30 RPM

Workhead Return Speed

200 RPM

Head And Tailstock Centers

Tailstock No. 3, Workhead No. 2 Morse

Wheelhead Motor (Standard)

2 HP @ 1440 RPM

½ HP @ 750 RPM

Wheelhead Motor (Plunge-Cut Machine)

5 HP

Crushing Motor

1/3 HP @ 2800 RPM

Workhead Motor

1/3 HP @ 2800 RPM

Capacity Of Coolant Pump (Water Rating)

54 Liters Per Minute

Capacity Of Coolant Tank

90 Litres

Approx Floor Space Occupied

1980 x 1780 x 1780 mm

Approximate Net Weight

2235 Kg

Approximate Gross Weight

3048 Kg





























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