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CNC Thread Grinder

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CNC Thread Grinder


We  are a trusted Importer and Trader that offersa wide range of used CNC Thread  Grinder

As the name implies, the machineis designed to generate precise threads on a work piece. As a used CNC threadgrinding machine exporter and supplier, we serve worldwide market. This machinemakes use of specially dressed grinding wheels to create threads. The correctpitch or lead is created on the threaded part by precision lead screw. Withresemblance of cylindrical grinder, this grinding machine has wheel head,spindles, built in motors, slides, dressing units, and programming interface.This machine creates threads on external surface of a work piece. Theinterested buyers can contact us to know about the technical specifications ofsecond hand CNC thread grinding machine, including max. Diameter of work-piece,max. Distance between centers, max. length of grinding, thread pitch, number ofrotation speeds of grinding head, grinding head motor capacity, dimension ofstandard grinding wheel, range of grinding wheel speeds, etc. 



Machine Type: CNC Thread Grinder











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